Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Most people are aware that the Department of Veterans Affairs operates National Cemeteries throughout the United States. Currently the Veterans Administration operates 131 VA Cemeteries located throughout the United States. Honorably discharged veterans along with their spouses and minor dependants may be interred in the VA Cemeteries free of charge. A detailed list of persons eligible for burial at a VA Cemetery can be obtained by clicking on the link below.

A second burial option for Veterans in the State of Indiana that many people are unaware of is the Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery. This cemetery opened in 1999 and is located in Madison, Indiana. The Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery is another burial option for veterans who may not live in close proximity to a VA National Cemetery located in Marion, Indiana. The Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery offers a free burial space, outer burial container and government headstone. Follow the link below for more information about the Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery and its eligibility requirements.

Of course planning for final disposition is just part of the pre planning process.  If you would like more specific information and any monetary benefits available to Veterans or about funeral planning options please call one of the representatives of the Usher Funeral Home at 317-632-9352.  You can also request more information via our website by clicking below.


Ashes to Ashes: Why Cremation Has Become the Rite of Choice for Many

In the past when a person would pass away, the most common option for disposition was for them to be buried in a cemetery. Cremation, however, has become an increasingly popular option in today’s world. The Cremation Association of America says that cremation was practiced at an average of 3.56% in 1960, but that figure has risen to 40.62% in the year 2010. While cremation used to be somewhat taboo in the past, its growing popularity shows that more and more people are recognizing its many benefits. Continue reading

Funeral Homes Can Help in Pre-Planning Details of Your Last Farewell

It can be difficult to consider the prospect of your death, but doing so may help your loved ones to better cope with your loss. Planning a funeral can be stressful, especially for people who have just lost a family member. When done in haste and without advanced planning, a funeral can also cost more than necessary. This makes pre-planning your own funeral, with the help of funeral homes like Usher Funeral Home in Indianapolis, beneficial to those you leave behind. Continue reading

Preparing a Final Salute at One of Indiana’s Prestigious Funeral Homes

Former military personnel approaching their twilight years tend to think back about how they’ve lived, especially during their time in uniform, and want to be remembered fondly after they are gone. Veteran end-of-life counselor Gail Rubin says it is worth the effort to plan one’s own funeral and help those left behind move forward. Funeral homes in Indianapolis, Indiana can help veterans and their families plan a memorable military funeral. Continue reading

Cremation in Indianapolis: A Dignified, Practical Way to Say Goodbye

It is always a trying time for any family when a loved one passes away. If the departed previously expressed a wish to be cremated, the bereaved should honor it and may even see the value in it. Hiroko Sato of the Sentinel and Enterprise in Fitchburg, MA noted this of a local family who, in the past, had their deceased loved ones buried due to religious beliefs but are now open to the idea of cremation. Continue reading

Services from Funeral Homes in Indianapolis: Facts on Pre-Planning

For many a death comes without warning and leaves families reeling from loss. Are you aware that while you are still alive and able a person can prepare and lighten the burden on your survivors by investing in funeral pre-planning? There are dependable Indianapolis funeral homes that offer you a way to plan and pay for your funeral before your death, and there are several benefits of doing so. Continue reading

Indianapolis Cremation Services: How to Honor your Loved One’s Ashes

When you have lost someone you love, you’ll want to honor your loved one’s memory by celebrating that person’s life.  More families are opting to have their loved ones’ earthly remains turned to ash through cremation. Ask your local Indianapolis cremation services about the countless ways you can continue to honor the memory of their loved one. Continue reading

Start Looking for Local Indianapolis Funeral Homes before The Big Day

Nobody is immortal. It’s a fact everyone will have to confront someday. The uncertainty of life is the very quality that makes it precious. No one knows for sure the lifespan given to each person, so while unpredictability makes life intriguing, it is also this very quality that makes it important for people to seriously consider about planning for the inevitable. Continue reading

“Grief remains one of the few things with the power to silence us”…Anna Quindlen

Anna Quindlen is a best selling author, former columnist at Newsweek and she was a columnist at the New York Times from 1981 to 1994.  Recently a friend posted a link on Facebook to an column she wrote in May of 1994.  This column puts into words the power of grief and how the loss of a loved one effects us profoundly long after the death.  I hope you find it as insightful as I did.

Public and Private: Life After Death…by Anna Quindlen, May 4, 1984