Indianapolis Cremation Services: How to Honor your Loved One’s Ashes

When you have lost someone you love, you’ll want to honor your loved one’s memory by celebrating that person’s life.  More families are opting to have their loved ones’ earthly remains turned to ash through cremation. Ask your local Indianapolis cremation services about the countless ways you can continue to honor the memory of their loved one.


Burials or Columbarium

If you wish to make their remains one with the earth, burials are still a popular choice. Depending on what your loved one wished before they died, you could either place their ashes at the cemetery or at home. You can also opt to place their ashes in a columbarium, which is basically a mausoleum of cremated remains. Any of these choices will make way for the various means you and your family can pay your respects to your departed loved one.


Did your loved one express a wish for their remains to be scattered in a favorite place? You can respect this last wish by letting their ashes become one with the wind on his most desired spot, be it a national park or at sea. Yet sometimes there are drawbacks to this method. For one, you’ll need to find out is scattering is allowed by local or state laws and if so then your funeral director must secure the necessary permits from the authorities.


Another way to keep your loved one’s ashes are using them to give life to a tree. Death doesn’t have to be the end of everything when it could give life in another form, and using their ashes to nourish young oak, willow, or cherry saplings can be the best way to keep their memories alive.

Lockets and Jewelry

Some people wish to have the remains of their loved ones given to other family members and kept on lockets or other jewelry pieces. In a way, your loved one can be with you wherever you go.

Any of these options are ways to give your loved one the proper send-off he or she deserves, and Indianapolis cremation services, offered by established funeral homes like Usher Funeral Home can provide the proper facilities and warm atmosphere to make your final farewell a fitting commemoration of the life left behind and the love that will follow your loved one to his or her next life.


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