Funeral Homes Can Help in Pre-Planning Details of Your Last Farewell

It can be difficult to consider the prospect of your death, but doing so may help your loved ones to better cope with your loss. Planning a funeral can be stressful, especially for people who have just lost a family member. When done in haste and without advanced planning, a funeral can also cost more than necessary. This makes pre-planning your own funeral, with the help of funeral homes like Usher Funeral Home in Indianapolis, beneficial to those you leave behind.

Funeral Homes Can Help in Pre-Planning Details of Your Last Farewell

Additionally, pre-planning your funeral gives you the peace of mind knowing your final wishes will be carried out. As with any other event marking the milestones in your life, you have to consider the smallest details, including the following:

Choice of Final Disposition

Do you want a cremation or a burial? Your decision on this matter will greatly affect the preparations. A cremation may not require a cemetery plot, only a container to store your ashes. If you prefer a burial, you will need to choose a casket and select a cemetery.

The Service

The next thing to consider is the funeral service. You may want to specify some special rites or activities to be done during the service. For example, you may record a message to your loved ones and have it played then. You can also request people to perform eulogies for you, or ask a certain pastor or reverend to oversee the service.

The Payment Options

Pre-planning your funeral can also take the financial burden off your loved ones. You can arrange for payment beforehand. This should be done in coordination with your funeral director. This can be done via a trust or insurance policy with the funeral director or a bank account payable to the funeral home once the service is provided. Please keep in mind that the funeral home can only provide price guarantees if you pre fund your services directly through them.

Coordinate With a Funeral Home

Once you’ve finalized your plan, you need to ensure that people you trust know about it. Leave a copy of the plan with your loved ones, a lawyer, and the funeral director. This helps assure that your preferences for your final farewell will be honored.



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